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A unit of measurment of land in Thailand, a land surface or unit of land measuring 1 Wah equals 4 square meters.
Civil law legal term, under Thai law a real property right attached to an immovable property by which the owner grants another person the exclusive but temporary possession, use and enjoyment of his real property (governed by the civil code sections 1417 - 1428)
Tor Dor 21
Standard Thai script land office power of attorney giving authrority to someone to act on behalf of the owner of the immovable property at the Land Department's office and to do a described action or transaction regarding a specific immovable property in Thailand.
The house and resident registration book (tabien baan) with a dark blue colored cover used for the registration of thai nationals and foreigners with official residency in thailand having their permanent home at the specific dwelling.
A house and resident registration book (tabien baan) with a bright yellow cover used for the registration of foreign nationals who stay in Thailand at the dwelling on a temporary or permanent basis.
Or tessebaan (municipality) is the local government administrative body of a village, town, or city in Thailand.
Tabien Baan
The address and resident registration book issued by the local municipality for every apartment, house or place to live in and registers and administrates the persons having principal residency (domicile) at a dwelling.
Civil law property law legal term, the registered real property right attached to land by which a person obtains a temporary right to own buildings, structures or plantations upon land belonging to another person governed by the civil code section 1410 to 1416.
Synonyms - right of superficies
Sui Juris
A person who is capable of managing one's own affairs, like making a valid contract. A person who has all the rights and is not under the power of another (e.g. a minor). Every one of full age is presumed to be sui juris. In Thailand a person on completion of twenty years of age becomes sui juris (section 19 Thailand civil and commercial code).
Sor Tor Gor
Land document issued by the Forest Department granting the right to a private person to reside and live in a specific area of land in reserved forest land (public land prohibited for private ownership), a sor.tor.gor gives a personal right (like the right of habitation) and cannot be sold but can be passed on by inheritance.
Property given by the man to the parents, adopter or guardian of his fiancée before marriage as part of engagement ceremony (betrothal), in return for the woman (fiancée) agreeing to marry the man (found in Thai law section 1437 civil code).
Sin Suan Tua
Personal non-marital property of husband or wife, i.e. generally all debts and assets owned and acquired before the marriage (including 'Khongman')
Sin Somros
Marital assets or property of the marriage, meaning jointly owned by husband and wife. In general all properties acquired by the spouses after the marriage (except those listed in section 1471 under 3) become part of the property of husband and wife.
Stock Exchange of Thailand
Right of rentention
The right of the possessor of a property belonging to another to retain this property in his possession until a obligation is performed or debt to him is duly paid (governed by the sections 241 and following of the Civil and Commercial Code). This does not apply if the obligation is not yet due.

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