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Or spelled Amphoe is the local government town or district office (municipality), and is further divided into 'Tambons'. Amphurs make up a province.
Synonyms - Amphoe
A unit designed for use as a dwelling in a multi unit building occupied by more than one household. When registered as a condominium with the Thailand Land Department offering individual private unit ownership and joint ownership of the common areas of the condominium (multiple owners), without registration and licensing under Condominium Laws the building usually remains owned by the developer offering rent of the units to different tenants.
Appraised value
A government assessed property value for a specific real property in Thailand based on a calculation method set by the Land Department and the Treasury Department and is adjusted every 4 years based on market conditions. It is among others used to determine the (minimum) amount of tax that must be paid.
A juristic entity, the formal structure, created by a group of people (minimum of 7) who have joined together for a particular purpose and conducting an activity other than that of sharing profits or incomes earned (section 78 Thailand civil and commercial code).

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