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De Cujus
Civil legal/ law term in relation to inheritance and sussession laws of the deceased as the testator.
Del credere
Legal term for an arrangement in which an agent takes possession and agrees to sell goods for another and who guarantees that a buyer is trustworthy and, in case the buyer defaults, compensates the principal (translation: for believe or trust).
Under Thai law the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court (section 1516 Civil Code) or agreed (mutual consent) and applied in person by both spouses before the competent government body (Amphur) and registered in the Marriage Register (section 1514 Civil Code).
Author - Consultant
Under Thai law the domicile of a natural person is the place where he has his principal residence. Also one's legal residence or the place where a person has his permanent principal home (section 37 civil and commercial code).
Due diligence
the performance of an investigation with a certain standard of care and caution of a property, person or business before involving in an investment or entering into a contract with another party.

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