Land lease agreement (Th-En) Land lease agreement 30 years Thai English (th-en), lawyer checked and prepared template.
Land sale agreement (Th-En) Professional sale and purchase agreement for land in Thai and English language
Prenuptial contract (Th-En) Thailand prenuptial contract (th-en) for a marriage between a foreign and Thai national.
Last Will and Testament (Th-En) General Last Will and Testament template with a Thai translation specifically written for foreigners with assets in Thailand.
Land and house sale contract (Th-En) Thai English land and house sale agreement (สัญญาจะซื้อจะขายที่ดินพร้อมบ้านเดี่ยว)
Land and house lease agreement (Th-En) Up to 30 year land and house lease agreement (th-en) (สัญญาเช่าที่ดินพร้อมสิ่งปลูกสร้าง).
Apartment unit sale agreement (En) Condominium apartment unit sale and purchase agreement (English) for ownership transfer of a foreign owned condo.
Home construction contract (Th-En) Residential home construction contract between the employer (the land owner, land lessee, superficiarus) and a building contractor.
Rental contract residential property (Th-En) Thai English language template rental or tenancy contract (th-en) for furnished residential property.
Office rental agreement (Th-En) Complete Thai English language office rental contract with a term of 3 years with renewal option.
Loan of money contract (Th-En) Money loan agreement (th-en), personal loan contract containing the key terms required under Thai contract law.
Real estate broker agreement (En) Real estate broker agreement (en) containing terms of the service and fee or commission charged by the broker.
Superficies contract (Th-En) Superficies contract with a term of 30 years creating ownership of the structures that are or will be built on the land.
Land usufruct contract (Th-En) Loan agreement (th-en) for the acquisition of the land and usufruct agreement (th-en) for land only in Thailand.
Apartment rental agreement Unit lease (rental) agreement for a month-to-month or annual lease (rental) of a furnished apartment unit in a condominium in Thailand.
Divorce agreement Divorce settlement agreement for Thailand specifying the tems of separation between husband and wife.
Land (part) lease agreement Land lease agreement (th-en) for specific part or section of a larger plot of land held under one land title deed.
Addendum for land lease agreement Additional agreement to the land lease agreement containing additional terms beyond normal lease or hire of property laws.
Condominium unit lease agreement Sample of a condominium lease agreement with the maximum lease term for the "leasehold sale" of a unit off-plan.