Land lease agreement (Th-En) Land lease agreement 30 years Thai English (th-en), lawyer checked and prepared template.
Usufruct land and house (Th-En) Usufruct agreement (th-en) for land and house in Thailand.
Land sale agreement (Th-En) Professional sale and purchase agreement for land in Thai and English language

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Prenuptial contract (Th-En) Thailand prenuptial contract template containing standard clauses and optional clauses allowing easy customization of the document to your personal situation.
Last Will and Testament (Th-En) Professional Thai English language Last Will and Testament template specifically written for assets in Thailand.
Land and house sale contract (Th-En) Thai English land and house sale agreement (สัญญาจะซื้อจะขายที่ดินพร้อมบ้านเดี่ยว)
Land and house lease agreement (Th-En) Up to 30 year land and house lease agreement (th-en) (สัญญาเช่าที่ดินพร้อมสิ่งปลูกสร้าง).
Condominium unit sale agreement (En) Condominium sale and purchase agreement (English) for a foreign owned apartment unit in Thailand.
Home construction contract (Th-En) Residential home construction contract between the employer (the land owner, land lessee, superficiarus) and a building contractor.
Rental contract residential property (Th-En) Thai English language template rental or tenancy contract (th-en) for furnished residential property.

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