Contracts sample 1 is a short joint venture agreement to create a business form by two or more parties including shared ownership, shared returns and risks, and shared control. Sample contract 2 is a partnership agreement which sets out the terms and conditions of the relationship between partners...

Required documents for a foreigner marrying in Thailand. Sample statement containing affirmation of marital status stating the prospective wife or husband is single and free to marry issued and certified by the foreigner's embassy or consulate.

Power of Attorney form by which a promotor is giving the authority to another person to act on his behalf in the formation of the business (private limited company in Thailand). ZIP contains the PDF documents in Thai and English.

Form Gor, notification form of appointment of (new) director in a private limited company. This form must be submitted with the Department of Business when a new director has been elected in the business by its members in a general meeting of shareholders (or statutory meeting).

Formation and incorporation of a private Thai limited company, the statutory meeting. 

Limited company incorporation in Thailand, list of business objectives

Thai limited company formation document, bor.or.jor 5 (list of shareholders).

Thai limited company formation documents, bor.or.jor 2 or memorandum of association of a business

Application Form of Limited Company Registration

Thailand house building contract between employer (client) and contractor (builder)
Draft of a land and house usufruct between a foreigner and a Thai national.
Reservation agreement for land, parties agree to enter into a sale and purchase agreement within a short period of time.

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