Can you prepare the FET form?

I downloaded your condominium unit sale agreement for the purchase of a foreign owned condo in Thailand. Among others the contract refers to a FET-form but I do not see this document in the zip. I received a total of 9 documents. Do you have this document as a sample or tempate?
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Asked 11 years ago

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No, a FET form (internal explaining link) or foreign exchange transaction form is issued by a BOT licensed financial institution inside Thailand. This would be the Thai bank when handling the exchange of a certain amount of foreign currency into Thai baht (used to be 20,000 USD, but is currently 50,000 USD or an equivalent in another currency).

Important for the purchase of a condo in Thailand

  • transfer the purchase price in foreign currency into Thailand.
  • in the transfer instructions include the message: for the purchase of condominium unit no. xx/xxx in ___specify name condominium___ Condominium by ___insert full (first/ last) name as shown in passport buyer__.
  • request from the receiving bank inside Thailand (the Thai bank that does the exchange from foreign currency into Thai baht) a Foreign Exchange Transaction form, or for lesser amount a confirmation letter of the foreign currency exchange.

Note: it is easier for the receiving Thai bank to issue confirmation letter of the exchange instead of the official FET-form.

Answered 9 years ago

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