What about owning a home in Thailand?

Some say foreigners can own a home in Thailand, others say it is prohibited. Can you explain?
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Asked 8 years ago

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Thai Law Ganesha logoForeign land ownership limitations apply in Thailand and foreigners can only be allowed to own land pursuant to a treaty (section 86 of the Land Code Act) or following section 96 of the Land Code Act. Generally foreigners cannot own land in Thailand. Foreigners can however own a structure built on for example leased land and if it is allowed by the Thai owner of the land. Home ownership, separate from ownership of the land, is again relative to the foreigner's permission to use the land for building (by a land lease, superficies), therefore under Thai law limited to a term of 30 years. This term can be renewed but renewal or extension is not guaranteed under Thai law.

Land office procedure or building permit

Home ownership of an existing home separate from the land (land lease or superficies + sale of a structure) requires a land office procedure to transfer ownership (transfer fees and taxes must be paid). For a newly built house the foreigner must proof his ownership through a land lease or superficies and a building permit issued in the foreigners name, read more...
Answered 8 years ago

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