How do I own land in Thailand?

Can I own land and how do foreigners own land in Thailand? I hear some foreigners say they own land others say you cannot own land in Thailand as a foreigner. What is the truth?
Asked 6 years ago

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As a foreigner you cannot own land in Thailand

For land ownership in Thailand the land must have a land title deed allowing individual ownership. The land department and its branch offices are responsible for land deeds and ownership registration, and a sale of immovable property is void unless it is made in writing and registered by the competent official (section 456 civil and commercial code).

No land office in Thailand will register any foreigner as the owner of land. If someone says he owns land, ask to see the property title deed with his name on it as the owner! Foreigners can have their name on a land title deed, having for example a right of usufruct over the property, but never their name as the owner of the land. The land office can only register a foreigner as the owner on the title deed after the foreigner is given permission to own land by the Minister of Interior. The Minister of Interior can only give permission pursuant a treaty (not available) or when a foreigner followed the very restrictive and expensive procedure of section 96 bis land code act which among others requires a 40 million baht investment by the foreigner is specific bonds or government assets beneficial to the Thai economy.

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Answered 5 years ago

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