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Family Law in Thailand

'Matrimonial law' in Thailand is primarily codified in the Civil and Commercial Code. The legal system of Family Law in Thailand is based on mainland Europe Civil Law with main influences from the French 'Code Civil'.

In the system of Civil Law the law is codified and works from the top written law down, meaning that laws are primarily struck in writing and not made by judicial decisions based on custom and precedent (as in common law). In civil law judges have however some law making power through the interpretation of the words and elements of written laws which are applied. They determine within the boundaries of the written law the meaning and extent of the law. In practice it is therefore often difficult to understand the specifics of the written laws without also taking into account previous court rulings and relevant Supreme Court judgments and opinions.

The main collection of written Family Laws of Thailand can be found in the Civil and Commercial Code. Family Law in Thailand can be found in writing in Book 5 of the the Civil and Commercial Code.

Below the relevant section of the Thailand Civil and Commercial Code:

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