• Legal divorce in Thailand

    Divorce law in Thailand

    Divorcing under Thai divorce laws

    In general a marriage in Thailand is terminated by death, divorce or being cancelled by the court. In Thailand there are two ways of divorcing, this can be done through a court procedure (contested divorce) or by the Marriage Registrar upon mutual request (uncontested divorce). In an uncontested divorce, when both husband and wife agree to end the marriage, the Registrar of marriages (local Amphur) has the authority to end the marriage.

  • Marriage in Thailand

    Marriage registration in Thailand

    Marriage in Thailand is governed by the Civil and Commercial Code book 5, sections 1435 to 1535. A marriage (section 1457) can take place only if the man and woman (who are at least 18 years old) agree to take each other as husband and wife, and such agreement must be declared publicly before the Registrar in order to have it recorded by the Registrar. Marriage in Thailand is created and completed on formal registration and inclusion in the government's marriage register.

  • Prenuptials in Thailand for foreigners

    Prenuptial agreement in Thailand

    Thai marriage and family laws in Thailand stipulate that personal property (everything you owned and owed before the marriage) remains personal property of each spouse during the course of the marriage (section 1471 civil and commercial code). A prenuptial agreement in Thailand will commonly list personal assets of each spouse and could during the course of the marriage give sole management over certain marital assets to one of the spouses.

  • Thai Marriage Laws Including Translation

    Thai laws on marriage

    Marriage and Family law in Thailand is governed by the Civil and Commercial Code book 5, sections 1435 to 1535. Below the sections governing 'engagement', 'conditions of marriage' and 'relationship of husband and wife'.