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  • Foreign real estate investment options in Thailand

    Investing in real estate in Thailand

    By foreign nationals

    Foreigners can own an apartment in a condominium in Thailand, but ownership of land or land and house is limited to only Thai nationals. It is under the Thailand Land Code Act not possible for foreigners to obtain outright ownership over land and house in Thailand. Foreign land ownership limitations apply but many foreign investors have been duped into believing that they can own land in their own name in Thailand.

  • Usufruct in Thai property law

    What is a right of usufruct in Thailand

    The essence of a right of usufruct (section 1417) is that it transfers the rights of possession, use, enjoyment and management of an immovable property from the owner to the usufructuary (the person granted the right of usufruct). It gives certain strong rights but also obligations that are normally associated with ownership of the property (right of management and obtaining benefits from the property). Usufruct is governed by sections 1417 to 1428 civil and commercial code.

  • What is a Right of Superficies

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    Thailand registered land contracts

    The right of Superficies (sections 1410 to 1416 of the civil and commercial code) is a transferable and inheritable interest in land giving the superficiary (the person(s) to whom a right of superficies is granted) for a specified term the right to own or acquire buildings construction in, on or above the land owned by another. Foreign and Thai nationals can obtain a right of superficies by agreement with the owner of the land and registration with the Thailand Land Registry.