• Legal aspects of lease and tenancy laws in Thailand

    Real estate lease and rental contracts in Thailand

    Hire of immovable property (land, house, condominium) for residential purpose by foreigners is governed by civil and commercial Code sections 537 to 571 (law text copied below) and further specified by the Thailand Supreme Court. Foreigners are under Thai law allowed to lease real estate property for up to 30 years and the law is applied in the same manner if the lessee is a foreign or Thai national.

  • Management and maintenance contracts in a lease

    Supplemental contracts in a lease

    As foreigners are not permitted to own land in Thailand the standard contract under which real estate is 'sold' to foreigners is a lease. Residential leasehold housing and apartment projects in the tourist areas often include service and maintenance agreements as an integral part of the lease. Services delivered and the annual price increases are often determined by the developer and as these contracts are an ongoing financial burden it is important to undertand the importance of these contracts before accepting the lease.